micro supercell

Modules and DIY kits have sold out.
Consider Supercell as an alternative.
Black and gray front panels are still available.
Order through grayscale.info/panels

eurorack microcell matte black grayscale clouds monsoon typhoon storm nanocell eurorack microcell gray aluminum grayscale clouds monsoon typhoon storm nanocell

panel options: matte black or gray aluminum

width depth +12V -12V +5V
14hp 38mm 160 mA 35 mA 0 mA

big sound in a small size

microcell is a Eurorack module designed for granular synthesis and other forms of digital effects processing. It is based on the Supercell module by Grayscale, which is an expanded version of Clouds by Mutable Instruments. Clouds was discontinued in 2017 but Supercell was released in 2018 with a more powerful microcontroller that enabled a number of additional features: stereo VCAs, input and output mutes, dedicated knobs for blend controls, internal CV randomization, and an auxiliary CV input for routing one control signal to all parameters. microcell shrinks the functionality of Supercell down to just 14hp (20hp smaller than Supercell and 4hp smaller than Clouds). The CV input attenuators are excluded but the functionality is otherwise identical.

assembled and DIY options

microcell is available as a fully assembled module or a complete DIY kit. Choose from gray aluminum or black matte panel options. The DIY kit includes a fully tested subassembly with all SMD parts pre-installed. All you have to do is solder the front PCB components (jacks, pots, LEDs, switches, and headers). The DIY kit includes all components required to complete the build. However there are 232 solder points so if you are new to soldering please consider getting an assembled module instead.

powerful expanded firmware

microcell ships with the expanded "SuperParasites" firmware which combines code from Mutable Instruments (original DSP), Matthias Puech (Clouds Parasites alternate firmware), and Julius Kammerl (Beat Repeat) into one powerful DSP library with eight processing modes available. This hybrid firmware was compiled by Patrick Dowling (of the Ornament & Crime team). Now you can access all eight processing modes without updating the firmware or recalibrating the module.

Press the TIME switch for a few seconds and then tap TIME to cycle through the available modes. See the Supercell user manual for instructions on loading/saving presets, changing the internal CV randomization, and other operations.

documentation and firmware

Microcell V2 Firmware [ZIP]

Microcell DIY Build Guide [PDF]

Supercell user manual [PDF]
Most functions of Microcell are similar

Microcell "Superparasites" guide [PDF]
Created by "acmesound" on Modwiggler

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Mutable Instruments, Clouds, Grayscale, Supercell, and microcell are trademarks of their respective owners and may not be used without permission.

Clouds Hardware/Firmware developed by Mutable Instruments (GitHub)
Released under CC-BY-SA-3.0 License (hardware) and MIT License (firmware)

Supercell/microcell Hardware/Firmware developed by Grayscale (GitHub)
Released under CC-BY-SA-3.0 License (hardware) and MIT License (firmware)

Superparasites firmware compiled by Patrick Dowling (Github)

Clouds Parasites alternate firmware by Matthias Puech (GitHub)

Beat Repeat alternate firmware by Julius Kammerl (GitHub)